When Should You Get Towed?

We cannot control different situations that happen to us while we are driving. There are a lot of potential dangers, forgetfulness on your part, or even car malfunctions that could cause you to need to be towed. If the situation presents itself where you may need any sort of towing services, be sure to call your insurance agent first. They will give you direction, and help you get into contact with a towing company. What car problems warrant towing? We are going to discuss some possible time when getting your vehicle towed would be the best solution.

You Run Out of Gas

Most people think that towing is exclusively for vehicles that have sustained a lot of damage in a car accident. However, when your gas light comes on and there is no gas station for miles, a tow truck could help you get your vehicle to the nearest gas station. Rather than having to call your partner and be embarrassed to say that you are stranded because you ran out of gas, you could just get a tow truck. Although this may not seem to be ideal, it saves time from having to walk miles and back. If you do not have a gas container, then getting a tow truck to help you may be one of your only options.

You Get Stuck

Weather conditions can cause hazardous driving conditions. There are many possible ways that you could get stuck while driving. It is common in the winter to get your vehicle stuck in the snow. Or if you decide to go off-roading, it can be common to get stuck in the mud or even in a ditch. Whether you got stuck in the snow, mud, or in a ditch, Idaho Falls towing companies are here to help. They have the largest fleet of towing vehicles in southeastern Idaho with a large selection of towing vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you were driving, they will be able to get you out. 

You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

One of the most annoying mistakes is locking your keys in your car. It really can throw a wrench in all your plans. Oftentimes, people will just call the locksmith and then receive access to their car, but only when the locksmith is available or can make it over to your car. That can take anywhere from minutes, to hours, to even days. Unfortunately, there is not always an option to leave your car in the location where you locked the keys into the car. This is when it would be necessary to have a towing company come and tow your vehicle. You could have your vehicle towed to anywhere that you would like to sit while you wait for the locksmith’s availability.


Although tow trucks are mainly associated with accidents, there are many instances that a tow truck could greatly help you in your day-to-day life. It is important to know when a tow truck may be necessary, so that you do not have to waste any more of your time than necessary.