What is Sepsis?

When a body’s immune system attacks itself, a condition called sepsis can develop. It can cause organ damage or even death. It is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can invade the body and cause infection. The immune system responds to the infection by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream to fight off the harmful organism. This is the first step in treating sepsis.

Cause of sepsis

The most common cause of sepsis is bacterial infection, but it can also be caused by viral and fungal infections, as well as other non-infectious insults. During sepsis treatment, blood flow is monitored closely and medication is adjusted as necessary. However, the sooner treatment is started, the better. In addition to antibiotics, sepsis can also be triggered by a physical injury or a chemical substance.


While sepsis is generally caused by a bacterial infection, it can also occur as a result of viral, fungal, or other non-infectious insult. When an infection or other insult causes the body’s immune system to launch an attack, it releases immune mediators to help fight the attack. These hormones cause widespread inflammation, blood clots, and leaky blood vessels. These abnormalities block blood flow and starve organs of nutrients.

Hospitalization and intensive care

Severe cases of sepsis require hospitalization and intensive care. Fortunately, most people recover from this condition without any complications. While it can be fatal if it affects vital organs, it is still treatable if detected early. If diagnosed early, sepsis can be treated at home with antibiotics and a supportive care plan. In some cases, it can even be prevented and cured with the right antibiotics and therapy.

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