What is an Uutterance?

An utterance is a section of spoken speech, separated by pauses or silence. It is difficult to define utterances, and some scholars believe that they refer to an entire “turn” of a conversation. Either way, they are equivalent to a sentence in spoken English. However, the exact definition is difficult to pin down. There are various ways to represent an utterance in written form, and this guide aims to simplify it.

Utterance to express

A speaker makes an utterance to express a single thought or idea. A turn of speech can be a single word, or a ten-minute speech. In either case, the utterance is the segment of a speech between pauses. If you are not sure, here are two different definitions of an utterance: one that refers to an individual word and the other that refers to the entire “turn” of speech.

Speech of a person

An utterance is the speech of a person. A full sentence is any part of speech between two pauses, and can range anywhere from a single word to a whole speech. A turn of speech can include several utterances, such as “the man is walking,” or “I’m sleepy.” It also may consist of words such as “I’m hungry,” or “I’m hungry.” This distinction is important for understanding the difference between an utterance and a complete sentence.

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