What are the very basic things that you need to know about the natural number concept?

Natural numbers are considered to be the best possible component of the number system in the world of mathematics and this will be including all the positive integers ranging from one-infinity. Natural numbers are also known as counting numbers because they will not be including zero negative numbers in their basic definition. This will be the very basic part of the real numbers including only positive integers but not zero, fractions, decimals and negative numbers.

Natural numbers are considered to be the set of all the whole numbers excluding zero and these kinds of numbers are significantly used in the day to day activities as well as speech. Very basic examples include 23, 78, 99, 999, 10202 and several other kinds of related things.

The smallest natural number is one and further, it is very much important for people to note down that elements of the list have to be studied by individuals without any kind of doubt so that there is no chance of any kind of hassle and everybody will be able to score well in the mathematics exam. Being very much clear of the list of natural numbers from one- hundred is another very important thing to be taken into consideration by people to become masters of the topic very easily. It is also very much important for people to note down that zero is not a natural number because natural numbers are the counting numbers and for counting any kind of object zero is never taken into consideration. These kinds of numbers are further categorised into odd numbers and even numbers which is the main reason that people need to be very much clear about the basic definition of both of these categories as well to avoid any kind of chaos throughout the whole process of dealing with the things.

Some of the basic differences between natural numbers and whole numbers are:

  • Natural numbers are the set of natural numbers like one, two, three and whole numbers are the numbers that also include 0+ natural numbers.
  • Natural numbers include the smallest number as one and the whole number will be including the smallest number as zero.
  • All the natural numbers are whole numbers but all whole numbers are not natural numbers and on the other hand, it whole number is a natural number except zero.

People also need to be very much clear about the basic representation of the natural numbers of the number line to avoid any kind of issue at the time of solving the questions and further make sure that they will be able to deal with things very successfully without any kind of doubt. Some of the basic properties of the natural numbers include:

Being clear about the closure property of addition and multiplication is very much important in the whole process so that there is no chance of any kind of doubt and people will be able to deal with the things very successfully.

People need to be clear about the associative property of the natural numbers so that they can solve the questions very well and apart from this having a good hold over the commutative property as well as the distributive property of the natural numbers is very much important to avoid any kind of chaos in the whole thing.

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