What are the types of glazing? Which type of double glazing is worth it for your home?

All glazing is made of glass, but not all glass is created equal. The type of glass to choose for windows or doors can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the end project. When deciding what type of glazing to add to the home renovation project, consider things like privacy, security, and insulation.

When you buy double glazed windows, they should suit the requirement and one’s preference.

The different types of glazing include clear, tinted, reflective, and safety glass.

Clear glass is the most versatile and can be used in many applications. It transmits from 80% to 90% of visible light and can be used internally and externally on doors, sidelights, or windows.

Tinted glass reduces glare and UV rays while allowing natural light into the home.

Reflective glass offers privacy while allowing you to see through it, so you don’t feel closed in by your windows. This glazing is best suited to areas where privacy is desired, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Still, if it’s installed on an exterior door, it may reduce security as it allows other people outside to see inside the house more quickly than clear double glazing does. Safety glazing can help protect against accidental breakage and provide insulation for soundproofing purposes.

Understanding more about double-glazed windows that are suitable for homes:

Clear Glass

  • Clear glass is the most versatile, though it comes with some drawbacks. This glazing is the most common in residential homes and tends to be the most affordable option.
  • While clear glass is a good choice for your home, it’s not without its faults. For example: While clear glass is easy to clean and install, it’s not always as energy efficient as other double-paned options.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is double glazing that reduces glare and UV rays by cutting down on the amount of incoming light. Tinted glass can also be used in single-glazed windows, but its performance is much better in new double-glazed windows.

The tinted glass comes in many colours, including dark browns and greens that almost match the home’s exterior paint colour. It’s important to remember that tinted glass doesn’t block 100% of UV rays—it only filters them out enough to prevent sun damage to furniture or artwork inside the home.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is best suited to areas where privacy is desired.

It is used in doors, windows, and walls of your home or office to provide you with more privacy.

This type of glass is also used in high-rise buildings as it allows people inside them to see what’s happening around them but does not allow anyone outside the building to see into the building.

Safety Glazing

Safety glazing can help protect against accidental breakage. Safety glass is made of two sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer, which helps absorb the impact energy in case it breaks during an accident. It’s used in areas with a risk of breakages, such as windows and doors, but also in situations where there’s a risk of injury from broken glass.


There are numerous factors to consider when you buy double-glazed windows that are right for your home. First, the owner needs to think about how much natural light they want streaming in from outside. This is likely to depend on the windows’ orientation and their position relative to other homes or trees nearby. Finally, if there are any concerns about security issues with double-glazed windows, then this may be something worth taking note of before investing in them.