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What Are the Different Types of Clothes Hangers You Need?

A clothes hanger is an item that makes one’s life a lot easier. You can hang them from your door frame, doorknob or shower head and get sorted with organising your clothing items. You get a wide range of hangers, from shirt hangers to coat hangers, and the choice of your hanger type can make a huge difference.

You can’t do without the right types of hangers if you want to keep your closet clean. Check the following section to know which hangers are absolute must-haves for your closet.

1. Dress/Shirt hanger

The best type of hanger for your dress or shirt is the one with a notch or divot on the top bar. You can also get hangers with rubber ends that prevent the clothes from falling. It is best to avoid plastic or thin hangers as they may stretch or bend the fabric.

2. Pant hangers

A pant hanger can keep your pants neat and uncreased. These hangers have trouser bars that help your pants stay in place. The bars are flat or rounded, which enables you to slide your pants over easily. Also, these are sturdy to handle the weight of the pants, and you get quite a few variations of these.

You get multiple trouser bars in a vertical line to hang several pairs of pants and save closet space. You also have pant hangers with clips which can be great for hanging your jeans.

3. Coat hangers

Coat hangers are made of wood and hold up well to carry the weight of heavy clothing items like coats and jackets. These hangers don’t stretch or snag your coats. When you choose an expensive wood, you get other benefits as well. For example, cedar hangers can help fight bugs and odour.

These hangers are a bit more expensive but last a long. Hence, if you spend a little more upfront on coat hangers, you don’t have to replace them frequently.

4. Tie hangers

If you have a good tie collection, you need to store them properly. It is best to untie your tie after wearing it. Afterwards, you can roll and store it in a drawer or put it on a tie hanger. Tie hangers create a dedicated look for your ties, and you can hang as many as you want. Hangers ensure your tie stays in excellent condition, and you can pick one whenever you need.

5. Belt hangers

You may often get frustrated at the lack of storage space for your belt collection and resort to hanging them by the buckle on a hanger’s hook. But that makes it difficult to view, and you also need to lift the hanger up to take them off and put them on.

With a dedicated belt hanger, you can hang your belts by the buckle, which is easy to see and organise. You get different variations in belt hangers. Some hangers have hooks you can hang on the closet rod; some have racks mounted with hooks for each belt.

Hangers are usually easy to find. But you can’t get the right one when you need them immediately. So, it is helpful when you know the right places to look. You can get them at your starwikibio local store or from reputed online retailers. But before selecting, you should check if the hanger can hold the weight of your clothing without breaking or bending or if it is the right size for your item.