Surfing is more than just a hobby or activity, it is a lifestyle. Moreover, surfing has already become an official part of the future 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. And this sport is constantly evolving. Do you want to prove yourself and try surfing? Then look at the best eight surfing spots in our list below.


It is the magnificent waves of the Indian Ocean, surfing perfectly combined with nightlife on the island. Indonesian Bali has everything you want and surfing included, this paradise island can rightly be considered the best island for surfing. Modern Bali surfing has been very popular since the early 1970s. Bali has managed to captivate millions of tourists with its beauty. Also in Bali are held various surfing competitions.


A small strip of land in the Indian Ocean, the North Male Atoll. This place boasts the quality wave spot Sultan’s and Honkies. Thanburudhoo Island was uninhabited in 1980 and became a surfer’s paradise for Tony Hindi Hussein and his friends. Later, this gorgeous place became a shooting range for the military and surfers were not allowed there. Not so long ago the shooting ended and again this paradise place became open to surfers. This island, for many “Barrels” fans, has become a favorite place to surf. Safari bots bring competitors from all over the world here.


Hawaii is called the Mecca of surfing. Hawaii has been the center of surfing in the world for decades. From the black and white pictures of the Waikiki Beach Boys in 1930 to the Makaha Longboard Championships in 1950, Oahu is still a beacon for all surfers. The Triple Crown of Surfing championship is held here every winter and it’s an honor for the best surfers from all over the world to take part in this competition. CNN has also named Oahu’s Pipeline as the world’s number 1 surf spot.


This place has long been popular with UK surfers, they love the powerful Spanish waves and warm local waters. The oceanic scenery alternates with impregnable volcanoes, this also attracts a lot of tourists to this beautiful place. Thanks to a large number of accommodations for every taste and an abundance of surf spots. Lanzarote has earned popularity among European surfers.


The small island of Portugal Madeira in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is exposed to powerful winter swells from October to April, guaranteeing the best conditions for surfing – almost anywhere. However, since there are virtually no beaches on the volcanic island and the waves are difficult to reach from the shore, you often have the waves all to yourself. However, the island is not suitable for beginners and only experienced pros should dare to try the dangerous entries. Only Faja da Areia in the north of the island is a relatively easy wave for beginners. There you will have fun even without too much experience!


This surfing spot is famous for its inviting great waves. Namibia is one of the last frontiers of the surfing world, and many professional surfers head every year to enter the Skeleton Bay waters.


The most sparsely populated island of the Canaries is not considered a vacation and surfer’s paradise for nothing: Especially the Northshore captures what the Atlantic has to offer in terms of wind and waves. Especially in the autumn and winter months, the waves are particularly spectacular and offer even experienced surfers a challenge. However, you should wear surfing shoes because of the sharp-edged stones. Fuerteventura is a year-round destination for water sports enthusiasts.


You can move your winter surfing vacation to the South African summer. About an hour away from Port Elizabeth you will find ideal conditions for surfing in Jeffreys Bay. Some waves run several hundred meters along the coast here and promise an especially long surfing fun. The white beach is beautiful, and depending on where you go into the water, you can find different requirements. With a little luck you can also see dolphins.