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Top 4 reasons to use paint protection in a car

Paint is essential to any car as it provides the perfect finishing touch to a vehicle’s overall appeal. Not only does a smooth and richly-coloured coating of paint provide aesthetic appeal, but it also serves as a protective layer that shields the car body from minor dents and scratches to some extent. The paint also acts as a sealant to protect surfaces from harm caused by severe extreme weather conditions.

Thus, paint has many benefits and deserves extra protection with paint protection film. But what is it, and why should every car owner opt for it? Read further to know about it.

What is a PPF?

A transparent, strong plastic film called PPF covers the hood, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, and other parts of an automobile to prevent dents, scratches, and further damage. The thermoplastic urethane-based PPF, typically two millimetres thick, serves as an invisible barrier and sacrificial layer between the car’s surface and outside elements.

PPF also has a high gloss finish lasting up to 10 years and is made to resist fading, staining, and yellowing.

Compared to alternative paint sealants, the film offers greater longevity and is remarkably resistant to chemical and acid rain damage.

Reasons behind the usage of PPF

Easy to clean and maintain

PPFs are an excellent way to protect your car or truck investment. The films are easy to clean and maintain, as they need a damp cloth or a mild car wash solution. Additionally, the film is invisible once installed, so you don’t have to worry about it marring the appearance of your vehicle.

Prevents fading

PPF serves as a barrier between the paint of the car and the outside world, guarding against fading and damage brought on by environmental causes such as bird droppings, road debris, and other environmental elements. Additionally, it shields the paint against oxidation, acid rain, UV radiation, etc., which could cause fading.

The distinctive clear finish is praised for its ability to lessen the visibility of dings and swirls on a car’s surface.

Furthermore, PPF’s self-healing qualities enable fades to mend quickly and preserve the vibrancy of the paint colours.

Improve the resale value

A paint protection film is an excellent approach to help save a car’s body and raise its resale value because it could help preserve the car’s appearance for years to come. According to studies, when used properly, this film can boost a car’s resale value by up to 10%.

It is feasible because a typical film is made of a polyurethane or polyurea mixture designed and tested to withstand abrasion, chemicals, and other elements from fading and specific damages. Because this film is intended to be highly durable, it can help protect a car even when faced with some of the most challenging elements.


Although car protection films can be more expensive upfront than standard polishing and waxing, they can become less costly over time. Since the coatings are made to shield against scuffs and other minor damage, they will lessen the need for pricey repairs and replacements. These films are made to be strong and flexible so they can withstand regular driving wear and tear without detracting from the car’s aesthetic appeal.

Thus, these are the top reasons to use paint protection in a vehicle. By now, you should be clear that paint protection film is an effective way to protect the exterior of your car. All you have to do is to ensure you purchase PPF from a well-reputed brand to enjoy all its benefits to the fullest.