Tips for Choosing the Right Home Solar Installer

Once you have decided to go solar, finding an experienced, reputable installation company is critical. A solar energy system is a major investment expected to deliver decades of service. The specialists at solar company Vivint Solar say that it is understandable that you would want the job done right by trained professionals using industry-best practices. Vetting prospective solar integrators carefully is essential. Don’t just go for the cheapest quote –it is better to prioritize quality and experience.

Installer Experience and Company Stability

When looking closely at an installer’s experience and company stability, you need to look for an established company that has many years in business as well as a long track record of successfullycompleted projects in your area. Choose a firm focused solely on solar installation, and not generic electrical work. Review the financial health and stability of the company to avoid fly-by-night outfits. It’s ideal if the founder and leadership team have relevant solar industry experience. The ideal partner should have deep solar expertise cultivated over many years of local installations.

Staff Training and Certifications

Regarding staff training and certifications, the premier solar installer credential to look for is NABCEP certification. Ensure the company maintains up-to-date industry knowledge through ongoing staff training. They should follow rigorous electrical safety standards and protocols. Examine who handles critical tasks like permitting, inspections, and project management – experience matters in these areas. Also consider long-term post-sales support like maintenance and troubleshooting availability. Having NABCEP certified installers and a commitment to training reflects professionalism.

Service Offerings and Specialties

When examining service offerings and specialties, seek an installer specializing specifically in home solar systems, not commercial projects. Consider what solar technologies they are most experienced with, such as standard silicon panels or thin film. Some firms specialize in new construction solar integration while others focus on retrofits. Look for full solar storage design and installation capabilities, not just standalone arrays. For rural locations not tying into the electrical grid, off-grid systems are an option but require greater expertise. Choose an installer with strengths matching your specific solar needs.

Reputation and Reviews

To understand reputation and reviews better, thoroughly check outSolarReviews, Yelp, BBB, and other sites for customer feedback. Are there any concerning complaints filed against the company? Ask neighbors in your area who have solar about their experience. Reputable installers will gladly provide references to contact. Reviews and referrals provide insights on real customer experiences.

Quote Transparency

When examining quotes, ensure they thoroughly detail the scope of work and equipment choices, rather than vague or sparse descriptions. Quotes should clarify who will handle permitting and inspections. Look for a realistic timeframe for order, installation, and inspection. Do not just choose the cheapest bid – ensure you get what you pay for in terms of value. Avoid quotes lacking sufficient detail or making unrealistic claims.

Warranties and Protections

Finally, understand warranties and protections thoroughly before signing an agreement. Look for an installation workmanship warranty covering defects, manufacturer equipment warranties, and roof penetration protections if applicable. Some offer system performance guarantees on minimum power output levels. Know the agreement terms, like project cancellation clauses or dispute resolution processes. Strong warranties provide peace of mind on your investment.

Conclusion – Choosing Solar Wisely

A properly functioning solar system requires skillful installation and top tier equipment. Conducting thorough due diligence when selecting from among the many home solar installers in your region is time well invested. A reliable, experienced firm dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and customer service will make your solar experience a positive one for decades to come.