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The Correct Things You Should Feed Your Cat!

Cats might like new and different food from time to time, and it may help improve their diet and in turn their health. It is the responsibility of the cat owners to make sure that their pet’s food has a diverse taste range and it is also nutritious.

Feeding bones:

  • If you are feeding your cat bones, you need to stop that process gradually. Feeding bones can cause constipation and damaged teeth and lead to internal blockages. Raw bones have certain bacteria that can make your cat sick.
  • Give cats chew toys as an alternative, or doctor-recommended dental food. Sometimes these vet-recommended foods also improve dental hygiene.
  • If you choose to give your cat bones, make sure you don’t give them raw, cooked bones because they can splinter and hurt the cat. Injuries from fragments can be grave and sometimes fatal. It is best to supervise your cat when they are eating bones.

Different food:

  • Tinned salmon, tuna, and sardines in spring water are some things you can feed your cat occasionally. You can also sometimes provide your cat with boiled chicken.
  • Even though the most prevalent idea is that cats like milk, this is not true. Cats can’t digest milk well, and on the consumption of milk, they can suffer from gastrointestinal troubles. Milk should be kept entirely away from cats, as it doesn’t provide any health benefits for cats.
  • Sometimes you can give your cat finely chopped vegetables in their food, but this should not be done as a replacement to meat. Cats are predominantly carnivores, so their nutritional needs won’t be met on a vegetarian diet.

Toxic food:

Never feed your cat these below-mentioned foods:

  • Alcohol
  • Onions,
  • Onion powder,
  • Garlic,
  • Chocolate,
  • Coffee or caffeine products,
  • Moldy or spoiled foods or compost,
  • Avocado,
  • Bread dough,
  • Yeast dough,
  • Grapes,
  • Raisins,
  • Sultanas (including in Christmas cakes etc.),
  • Currants, nuts (including macadamia nuts),
  • Fruit seeds,
  • Corncobs,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Cooked bones,
  • Small pieces of raw bone,
  • Fatty trimmings/fatty foods,
  • Salt
  • Roughly-cut vegetables.

Some food items should be kept in a particular place out of your cat’s reach for their safety. On consumption of the above the cat’s health can drastically deteriorate, and to bring them back to health the cat will need immediate medical attention.

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Being a cat owner can be challenging. Pet owners genuinely worry about their pet’s health because they know that even under watchful eyes, pets can fall sick or get injured. Many cat breeds are susceptible to particular health conditions, making pet parents’ worries even bigger.

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