The best GMAT practice tests worldwide, by Experts’ Global!

One’s performance in mock tests is the true mark of quality GMAT prep. Indeed, mock testing is so important in understanding one’s GMAT aptitude that the tests’ quality is a primary factor in choosing a worthwhile GMAT prep program.

The quality of a test series is decided by a host of factors. The complexity of the tests’ questions, and their difficulty, must match the GMAT’s in order for students to develop their skills accordingly. For accurate progress reporting, the tests must use question patterns and scoring similar to the GMAT’s. Performance analytics would be a decided bonus, in helping understand how to best improve one’s score.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT practice test series meets these criteria and more, making it truly exceptional!

Accurate Question Scope

With a testing screen like the GMAT’s that presents questions with a GMAT-identical question scope, Experts’ Global’s mock tests are comfort-boosting tools. With a color palette and control scheme the same as that of the GMAT’s, the software also presents similar functionality in an identical layout. The cherry on top is a screen timer that flashes red when students spend excessive time on a question, helping improve time management. Students can test the worth of these features by using Experts’ Global’s free GMAT practice test.

Test Quantity

Experts’ Global’ GMAT prep program beats out its competitors in several aspects, not least of which is test quantity. Instead of the usual six or less, the company provides 15 full-length that allow students to build test comfort at length.

GMAT-identical Scoring

Experts’ Global’s breakthrough mock test scoring is quite similar to the GMAT scoring system. The firm’s students overwhelmingly say that their GMAT Prep mock scores and their Experts’ Global’s mock scores are nearly identical, speaking to the firm’s exceptionally accurate scoring.

Useful Analytics

Experts’ Global’s mock tests contain performance analytics that provide students with exhaustive insight, following each test taken. The purpose of the analytics is to help students get better by informing them of their strengths and weaknesses and most-time consuming question types.

Self-Study Support

Experts’ Global earns its reputation for comprehensive aid with its premier self-study resources. Its 15-mock-test series is augmented by explanation videos for each question, helping students with clarifying their concepts and increasing their speed and accuracy.

Experts’ Global’s practice test series is the culmination of great research and focused efforts. With the students’ need centered always, the firm has added value through add-ons such as the “sticky notes”, colorful pop-ups that can be used to record notes. In each aspect, the practice tests cater to a GMAT prepper’s desires!