The 5 best tips for promoting your beauty salon

Beauty salons are one of the most sought-after businesses in the world as they make people look their best. Everyone wants to look good for themselves and others and beauty salons help bring the best out of people. From facials, and hair treatments to manicures and pedicures; salons provide many services to their customers.

As a salon owner, you need a robust marketing strategy to bring more customers to your establishment. Simply being there won’t cut it. You need to actively promote yourself and your salon, especially when there is so much competition. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to give yourself an edge.

Custom Price Lists

When it comes to your services, the main concern that your customers will have is price, and so that is something they will be paying the most attention to. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to wow them with how you present your price list. 

You will need a graphics designing tool to create this list. You can get software for this purpose or go for an online graphics designing service like PosterMyWall where you can create your custom price list flyers. With online designers, you won’t have to go through the hassle of installing dedicated software and still get the same functionality, if not more.

In the example given below, the salon went with a minimalist design with a golden border, salon logo, a pink background, and the price list placed front and center. The text is bold and easily readable and the subtle and minimalist design offers uniqueness while not stealing the focus away from the subject in question. You can go for something similar or choose a bolder design.

Special Deals

Everyone likes to save money and therefore you must let your customers know that you understand this and will help them do so. You may offer exclusive deals and discounts on certain services on select days at times to entice your customers to visit

You may combine different services to further sweeten the deal. For example, 15% off a manicure and pedicure package. There are many ways you can work with this, so think creatively.

You can go further and offer certain deals that are valid during times when you don’t get as much business. This way you will turn a profit even during quiet hours. However, do make sure that you have enough manpower available to do so. 

Stand Out

With so many establishments and businesses on the street, it can be difficult for a salon to stand out and get noticed. But there are a few things you can do to give your salon an edge. First, get your salon’s location featured on Google Maps so that whenever someone searches for you, they can easily be directed to you via Google Maps. You may take some photos of your salon and put them up as well as it makes for a better impression. 

Next, you may also set up banners and flyers to further promote your salon and put it on the map, figuratively. Your salon should have a big banner at its location to make it easier to find you. You can also advertise in local newspapers and magazines with different offers and such as well. The goal is to be visible and noticeable. Anyone who looks for a salon should be able to find you easily.

Social Media Portfolio

To better promote your salon, you want to show your customers what you can do for them. The best way to do that is to show your portfolio which you can do on social media platforms. For this purpose, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are best which allow users to upload photos and short video content. 

You may want to take artistic photos of some of the work you have done and post them on your Instagram. Thanks to the cross-posting feature, you can also automatically share it on Facebook, saving you the hassle of making separate posts. You may also share short clips or reels where you briefly walk your customer through the process of your services. 

In the example given below, the Becca Rose Beauty salon has done exactly that where they share the nails, hair styling and treatments, makeup, and other services that they have done for their customers. They have also shared some photos of their happy customers as well which act as testimonials. Something in the same vein can work for you as well.

Testimonials And Customer Reviews

The most powerful promotional tool for any business or establishment is when customers compel others to check out your business. It lends legitimacy to your claim and instills confidence in your customers since now they have people who actually used your services and were satisfied. They will think that if these people were satisfied with your services, they can be too. 

As such, you may ask your customers to leave their reviews on your website and social media pages. You can also record video testimonials when they visit your salon as well and then share them at different places.

An excellent place to share these will be on posters and flyers as you promote your beauty salon. You will need graphics designing tools that you can easily find online, such as PosterMyWall. You can then add these testimonials to the text itself or add them as screenshots to further strengthen your promotional message. 

A good marketing strategy revolves around consistency. You must be consistent in your promotion and carry on doing it even when you have a steady stream of business coming in. But it will only work as long as you are making your customers happy with the services you provide, which you already be working on. By following the advice listed in this article, you can give yourself a substantial edge over the rest of the competition. As long as you follow it consistently and work on customer satisfaction, your business will remain booming.