Steps to Follow to Create an Android Game with Unity

Creating an android game has never been this easier. Thanks to Unity3D game development, it is not just a 3D platform but a comprehensive platform that builds engaging and beautiful 3D and 2D games. In fact, it is a mobile game development platform that enables you to deploy to all the upcoming and emerging mobile operating systems. Since Unity is so widely used, it makes it pretty clear that it is a user-friendly platform for android game development.

Also, it speeds up the development process, connects with the users, optimizes the game, and helps achieve commercial success.

In this article, we will tell you all about creating an android game with Unity. It will also help you understand why many a Unity3D game development company prefers this game engine. Before moving on, let’s look at what features android games have.

Features of Android Game

There are millions of games available on android. Some created by top android game development services providers. But only a few have become popular worldwide. Moreover, if you look closely, you will notice that games which became insanely popular broke records and have some standard features. These features include

● In-game chats

This is an excellent feature with a double benefit wherein it gives the users a real-life experience while in the game. At the same time, it helps save them the inconveniences of changing applications when communicating with them. Simply put, users can play and converse at the same time. This is interesting and a great way of staying connected.

● Activity feed

This is exciting for users/players as they can share their respective in-app experiences and view the progress of connected users or friends.

● Notifications

Notifying players whenever someone mentions the person, receives gifts, or it’s their chance to play etc. Therefore, notifications are vital to keep users engaged and return them to the applications even after shutting the app down.

● Guild

Guilds help the players create communities based on mutual interests, gaming style and level of involvement. These communities are an added reason why players like to stay in the game for as long as possible.

Steps in Creating Android Game with Unity

There are various game development platforms, but Unity is one of the best of them. Unity can create both 2D and 3D android games. Game developers can even experience the broad marketplace of code assets and prebuilt art, both paid and free.

The process is easy and hassle-free, and you can create an incredible game using the following the steps

● Set up Unity

Firstly, you will have to begin by downloading the latest version to avoid bugs and errors. Also, you will need an SDK installed on the system. Once the installation is done, you need to set up android studies, without which an android game cannot be developed.

● Set up the Project

To make the process easier and simpler, it is recommended that you create folders from the beginning, such as fonts, scripts, textures, scenes, prefabs, materials etc.

● Create Particle Prefabs

Particles are tools that help game developers to create dust, flames, and explosions. The effects on the resources are generally minimal. This is because particles use small 2D animated images to give out the effect that is needed.

● Create and add Effect Script

The next thing involves the programming part, wherein you start with creating the script by starting to write the code.

● Testing

Without this step being included, you can never know if the android game that you build is without any bugs, as you want. Ideally, when implementing new functions, you must test everything well. Android phones are the best choice when you want to test your game. Also, the installation of correct drivers can be done quickly with Unity. You can even use an alternative method of testing by using the Unity Editor. Unity will help in building and running your game/app, saving you from using your phone for basic testing.

● Change the Settings

The last but not the least step is to visit build settings and check if the desired/ selected platform is android. Once your phone is connected to the system, simply select the build and run option and you’re good to go.

How to make an Android Game Interesting?

Android games can sometimes become monotonous, so you must keep them attractive in the long term. Android game developers must keep updating the following features using Unity so that players come back to the game. The ways by which you can do this are as follows

● Social Media

With social media, the players can communicate well and build a community involving engaged players/users. Even friends on social media can connect to these games.

● The Monetization Strategy

Based on the target audience, the game developers must have a monetization plan.

● Choose the best plans with Unity

With Unity, you can have a mix of categories including RPG(role-playing games), FPS (first person shooter), racing games, strategy games etc.


Finally, we hope you must be clear on what all should be kept in mind when creating an android game with Unity and how to make this game. Moreover, on Unity, you can have a functional and working game that you can go back to rectify any glitches.

Additionally, Unity launches quickly with giving quality at the same time, allowing you to keep players engaged and come back for more.

Also, it is imperative that you research well about Unity and how it works for better understanding and functioning when you sit to create an android game on Unity.