IT’S PARTY TIME, PEOPLE! Yes, you heard us right, it is that time of the year when girls and guys can dress as indecently as they want, and no one can say anything about it!

Believe it or not, this year’s Halloween it’s already knocking at the door. Damn, where did the last year go? It feels like yesterday having to stay inside due to all the COVID-19 restrictions. Now is the time to go and have fun, go to a themed party, dress as the scariest character you know, or maybe the sexiest. It’s up to you. But even if you decide to stay on the sofa and watch a movie, go out to dance and drink some Bloody Mary with your friends, or maybe go on a crazy scary trip, make sure you have the time of your life. We gathered a few costume ideas for you, so don’t be afraid to scroll down to see the choices we have in store for you. Believe us, you will be the deadliest and steal some attention and maybe some hearts.

Scary costume ideas for him 

Here is a list of a few ideas we believe would be terrifying this year, and you will be killing it.

Michael Myers

What can be more iconic at a Halloween party than Michael Myers himself? This costume requires minimal effort, just put a mask on, grab some black clothes and a knife, and be done! Michael Myers is looking for Laurie Strode. Will she be at the party?


During these times of post-pandemic, what can be scarier if not a doctor? Just grab a scrub, paint it with some fake blood, grab a mask and a scalpel, and maybe even some colored lenses, and the people at the party are ready for your consult.

Jeffrey Dahmer

It would be impossible to have a list of costume ideas and not have Jeffrey Dahmer as an inspiration for your outfit. If you have been watching Netflix lately, it’s impossible not to know who he is. A recent tv series just came on the streaming service that was penned by Ryan Murphy, recreating the life and crimes of this serial killer. You know what I’m talking about, right? So just put on a pair of glasses, be a little blonde, and stare at other people from the bar. You will totally get the Dahmer vibe on this spooky night.


Vampires are always trendy, you can’t deny that, but when I’m suggesting a vampire costume for this Halloween, I’m telling you put fangs, paint your face and maybe put some concealer on. When I’m talking about a vampire costume, I’m not suggesting you put glitter all over your body; you’re not Edward, sunshine! There is nothing scarier than red stains on a white surface. 


Have you been noticing that zombies are almost everywhere these days? From tv-shows, movies, and even toys. So grab some green paint, put on some shredded clothes, walk in a weird slow way, and voila! There you got a Halloween costume that will scare people.


If we learned something in the last few years is that clowns can be terrifying. Clowns can be pretty funny, make you laugh, and bring a smile to your face, but they can also be frightening. We learned this from Stephen King and his immortal character Pennywise, from the iconic book and box office success movies, It and It part 2.

So if you wanna be the scariest character at the party, why not dress as an immortal clown that abducts and eats children? What could be more terrifying than that?


Demons can be very terrifying if you ask us. Just how they are portrayed on the big or small screen makes us not want to encounter one of them. So if you want to dress as a demon for Halloween, it’s up to you how you want to stylize it. You just have to let your imagination fly, and you can bring up a character pulled out of our worst nightmares. 

Scary costume ideas for her


A character with supernatural powers? Count us in! If we look around, we have been surrounded by witches from our childhood, some of them scarier than others. Paint your face in dark colors, put a wig and a hat over your head, and a long dress in dark colors, and don’t forget your wand! You are ready to hex some guys.

Snow Queen

Who doesn’t love Hans Christian Andersen’s stories? You can make a terrifying interpretation of none other than the Snow Queen. Just DIY some icicle crown, put on some blue makeup and maybe some white contacts, and there you have it. A simple yet terrifying costume for this Halloween.

Alice in Wonderland

What could be scarier than a classic story reinterpreted? Oh yes, a classic character went mad. Do you want to go as crazy Alice this Halloween? Just put on some tattered clothes, add some fake blood and dark makeup, and there you have it, a costume that will ruin your childhood.

Samara from “The Ring”

This is such an easy Halloween costume, but yet so terrifying! Who has not seen “The Ring”? If you want to go as Samara, you just have to wear a dirty white dress, a wig with long dark hair, and some white makeup to look as pale as possible. Easy right? You will scare everyone.

Sexy costume ideas for him

Christian Grey

Laters, baby! Who doesn’t know who Christian Grey is at this point? His tumultuous relationship with Anastasia made an excellent story for the book and the big screen. If you were a fan of the movies and you wanna go easy with the Halloween costume, just grab a pair of ripped jeans and no shirt, and that’s all. And you can also use accessories, a whip, for example!


We couldn’t have a list of sexy Halloween outfits and not have a policeman’s costume. Here’s a classic one! Put the costume on and a pair of sunglasses, grab some handcuffs and be ready to party. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up arresting someone.


Haven’t we all have been dreaming of a sexy doctor that is consulting us? Grab a pair of medicinal pants, a stethoscope around your neck, and a mask, and you’re ready to receive your first patient of the night!


What could be hotter than a man that knows how to cook? If you want to impress the girls, just put on an apron and nothing else, maybe some white hat on your head to have the full effect of a chef. What could be more straightforward in terms of Halloween costumes than that? You’ll definitely impress more than one with your sexy outfit.

Sexy costume ideas for her


We’ve already suggested the sexy doctor outfit earlier, so why not have a matching option for couples? Grab your boyfriend, husband or best friend and be the best couple dressed. Who knows, maybe there will be more than one patient needing your help that night.

Red Riding Hood

Another classic! How could we miss red riding hood from this list? Just grab a basket, put on a red dress that will grab the attention, and be ready to party. Grandma can wait. You have to party tonight!

Real Estate Agent

Well, well, well, here’s a new one! Probably you didn’t hear this one before! What could a sexy real estate agent look like? You can put on makeup, a sexy outfit, or a sexy dress, and there you go. You can grab a clipboard to make it look more professional, and there you are, ready to sell your first house on Halloween night!


And last but not least, of course, we have another classic costume! Just grab a short sexy black dress with an apron, do your hair and makeup, and you’re ready to party!


On Halloween night, you can be whatever you want to be! You want to be a scary vampire that sucks the blood out of its victims, or maybe you want to be a fancy nurse waiting for the next patient. Choose the outfit that makes you feel more comfortable, and go and have fun with your friends. Anything is allowed and possible.