Renting with Pets – Tips and Benefits

Have you ever had issues with finding a pet-friendly property and had to make sacrifices because you are a pet owner? We are aware of the struggle and the growing demand for such properties on the market. It is hard enough to tick all the boxes for your perfect rental, now imagine you have a furry friend with you as well that makes it almost impossible to get approved. Surely it is a frustrating experience, however, there are ways for you to convince your landlord and make sure you have done everything humanly possible on your side.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have outlined the benefits of going along with tenants who own a pet and some tips on how to secure your rental property despite the inconvenience it may cause to landlords.

1. Responsible Tenants

People who have chosen to spend their life with a four-legged friend really do make an outstanding tenant in most cases. The reason why is because it is easy to assume that such people will have a sense of responsibility since they are taking care of a pet and if you are one of those people you would know that it is hard work sometimes. Chances are that these tenants will be kind and considerate and what’s more, they might take care of your property better than people without a pet. They are aware of the problems their furry friends can cause, which is precisely why they are extra careful and will most probably make sure that if something gets damaged in the rental, they will replace or pay for it.

2. Longer Contracts

There is a huge possibility that if you allow a pet owner into your rental property, they will stay there longer than most people would. Because it can be extremely difficult for them to find a landlord that would allow them to have pets in the apartment or house and at the same time to love the place as well, the likelihood of them sticking around for years is huge. Not to mention, the fact that pets normally do not like change and some of them get badly distressed when that occurs will only make the tenants sign contract after contract in order to spare the animal from such negative experiences, obviously as long as they are also happy with their rental.

3. Growing Demand

According to Statista, the percentage of people in the UK who own a pet in 2022 has increased by 18% in comparison to 2019/2020 hugely due to the coronavirus pandemic and the amount of time people started spending at home. A whooping 62% of the UK’s population now owns little creatures. Having that in mind, it is now more important than ever for landlords to consider the possibility of letting their properties to pet owners. Not only would that open up a much bigger market for them as people with animals normally struggle finding suitable properties, but it could also potentially bring them more profit.

4. Higher Deposits

More often than not, landlords will ask for a higher deposit in order to cover for any additional damages cause by the pet. As already mentioned though, pet owners are known to be more responsible and will make sure the deposit would not have to be used anyway, but it is a nice reassurance.

If, however, the landlord is not really keen on giving you the rental you desired there are ways for you to try and convince them that you are a responsible tenant despite having a pet.

Tip 1: Do Not Sneak a Pet Without Permission

One of the most important things to avoid doing is being tempted to lie to your landlord. We understand that it can be rather discouraging and frustrating when your favourite rental properties do not allow pets in them, however, lying about it would not do you any favours. You risk being in breach of your contract and being evicted from the rental without notice, which surely cannot be good for your pet’s wellbeing either. Brace yourself with patience and try some other convincing techniques rather than sneaking an animal and facing potential eviction.

Tip 2: Offer Reassurance Policies

Offering to pay a higher deposit yourself will show the landlord that you are not only responsible and eager, but it would also show your ability to take accountability for anything damaged by your pet. After all, they are animals and can be unpredictable and unreasonable so having this reassurance could mean a lot for landlords. Moreover, you could suggest including a pet clause in your contract with any rules that must be followed by both parties. That way you would have done everything to make the landlord feel more confident in letting you rent their property.

Tip 3: Try Talking to The Landlord Directly

In most cases tenants do not deal directly with the landlord but through agencies. Surely, they are a great mediator between the two parties but bear in mind that they have many other properties to deal with and may not take it personal. If there is an opportunity for you to speak directly to your landlord about your pet, take it or alternatively seek that interaction. It really could make all the difference.

Even though the majority of landlords are still on the fence about letting their property to pet owners, the demand is growing tremendously and soon the supply will follow so fight for your furry friend and their right to a beautiful home because they deserve it.

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