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Pre-Care and Post-Care Tips for Powder Brows

Are you planning to give your brows a fuller and more defined look?

Bold and sharply defined eyebrows are the current trend that has stormed the beauty industry. With that, semi-permanent and permanent makeup has also become a significant part of this industry.

Currently, the most popular eyebrow makeup treatment is powder brows. Before undergoing this treatment, here are some tips you must know about pre and post-care. The success of this treatment is highly dependent on the post-care.

Pre-Care Tips

For a smooth and quick treatment, here are some pre-care tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Avoid working out or any other such physical activities that make you sweat a lot
  • Avoid moving around in the sun and tanning activities for a week before the treatment
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least 24 hours before the treatment
  • Do not wax, thread, or tweeze your eyebrows for a week before the treatment
  • Do not take any measures to affect the natural brow hair growth
  • Avoid over the counter medicines such as Aspirin, Advil, and others for at least 48 hours
  • Avoid hair, nail, and skin supplements for 48 hours since these are blood thinners
  • Avoid using Retinol-A for at least a month before the treatment
  • Avoid Botox and fillers in the area around the eyebrows for a month
  • Avoid any facial treatments such as laser peels and chemical peels for at least a month
  • Do not take any antibiotics for at least a month before
  • Avoid the treatment if you are menstruating as the skin is most sensitive at the time
  • Avoid or reschedule the treatment if you are pregnant.

Post-Care Tips

Basic Rules

The basic post-care rules are vital for the best results and easy to follow.

  • Avoid touching and scratching them
  • Do not touch the scabs
  • Avoid applying makeup
  • Avoid sleeping on your front and your face
  • Do not partake in any physical activities that can make you sweat a lot
  • Steer clear of situations where you may be exposed to dirt or dust
  • Avoid visiting saunas and swimming pools
  • Avoid prolonged showers
  • Avoid stepping out in the sun
  • Do not do any facial treatment till your brows are healed
  • Clean the brows regularly with cotton and water
  • Apply ointment regularly until completely healed

For Oily Skin

Oily skin can usually be problematic for facial treatments. However, oily skin is not much of a problem with powder brows treatment.

Since oily skin does not require additional moisturising, post-care requires dry healing. Besides that, blot your eyebrows a few times a day to keep them dry. Use very little ointment only if it feels itchy.

For Dry Skin

In this case, remember, less is more. If you have dry skin, apply the ointment only after five days of the treatment. Furthermore, use only a thin layer before bed.

Day-To-Day Care

On Day 1

Gently blot the area with water-dipped cotton a couple of times since the area is sensitive.

From Days 2 to 4

Gently wash your brows 2- 4 times a day as the technician directs. Post that, apply a little ointment.

From Days 5-7

Be extra gentle since scabbing starts during this period. Use the ointment to soften the scabs. Do not pick at the scabs.

From Days 10-14

It marks the end of the post-care period. You can now stop applying the ointment once all the scabs are off.

Wrapping Up

Since powder brows are a form of a semi-permanent tattoo, they will start to fade after a while. Following the care tips and regular touch-ups will ensure that your stunning brows last longer.

The fading depends on skin type and lifestyle. Therefore, choose a touch-up timeline that works best for your particular skin type.

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