Pluck Stubborn Stray Hairs

There are many ways to get rid of stubborn stray hairs, but plucking is the most painful and least desirable. Here are a few methods to help you get started. First, make sure you wash your face well with warm water and soap. After that, exfoliate your skin by using a scrub or gentle scrub. Exfoliation opens your pores, making plucking facial hair less painful. Finally, make sure you clean your tweezers thoroughly to avoid any bacteria transfer to your skin.

Traditional way

While plucking is a traditional way to remove facial hair, it is also the most uncomfortable method. When plucking hairs, you are essentially pulling them out from their roots. The process can be painful, as your tweezers dig into your skin while trying to get to the hair. This can cause scarring and scrapes. In addition, if you use a blunt tweezers, you risk breaking them and causing irritation.

Tweezing tool

Depending on where the hair is, you can use a tweezing tool to remove stubborn stray hairs. The key is to use a soft and gentle tool that is at least 2mm long. To soothe your skin after plucking, you should use aloe vera gel to rehydrate it. After plucking, you should avoid exposure to sun and hot baths.

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