Offshore File Hosting

Offshore file hosting companies are a great option for content owners looking for a safe, low-cost solution. These companies do not have to share their contact information and will even ignore DMCA notices if they do not want to. They also have a variety of different services that are sure to meet any need for file hosting. Whether you need email hosting, co-location, or dedicated servers, Shinjiru can help you.


While offshore file hosting may be more expensive than other hosting services, it has many benefits. Offshore files are more secure than the equivalent of local servers, and are not subject to the restrictions and hassles associated with the United States government. Offshore file hosting is ideal for businesses that are looking to limit their legal liability, but can’t afford to pay for their own infrastructure. Offshore servers also protect businesses from DMCA complaints and government interference.

Savings and peace of mind

Offshore hosting providers are not bound by the same privacy laws as domestic companies, so it’s important to choose a provider who is familiar with the laws of your country. DMCA strikes are ignored by offshore providers, so you can rest assured that your files won’t be exposed to illegal activity. If you’re concerned about the safety of your data, offshore hosting may be the answer. And while there are legal risks associated with using offshore hosting services, it’s worth a shot for the savings and peace of mind.

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