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If you’re looking for the best Telugu movies online, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a big fan of the film or you’re just looking for something to keep you entertained, you’ll find all of the best movies on the web here. From scary horror films to action-packed dramas, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

World Famous Lover

The Telugu film industry recently saw a new face, Vijay Deverakonda. He is one of the biggest actors in the South and has an enormous fan following. Now, he’s in World Famous Lover, a romantic drama, which focuses on Gautam (Vijay Deverakonda), a man who tries to win back his love.

However, as the movie opens, the audience’s reaction is rather negative. Even the critics have criticized the film. So, how will World Famous Lover perform at the box office?


Uppena is a Telugu romantic drama film. It has Vijay worldnewsfact Sethupathi and Krithi Shetty in the lead roles. The movie is slated for release in 2021. Despite being touted as a love drama, it also tackles the issue of casteism.

Uppena is the debut film of director Buchi Babu Sana. It’s also the first film of the duo Vaishnav Tej and Krithi Shetty. Both actors have good chemistry, and they perform well in their respective roles.


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Scarlett Johansson’s Wild Dog

Scarlett Johansson is an award-winning actress with a knack for the foxy. Her impressive oeuvre includes films such as The Avengers, Lost in Translation and Hitchcock, and television series such as Lost in Space and the upcoming The Young and the Restless. She was also responsible for the album of the same name and is reportedly the highest-paid actress in the world.

Ee Nagariniki Emaindi?

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is a baffling flick that’s a slog to watch. It follows four aimless youngsters as they try to make their mark in the filmmaking industry. Aside from a few clunkers, it isn’t quite the cheesy romp you’d expect from a Bollywood flick. The movie is helmed by Tharun Bhascker, a filmmaker best known for the quirky and offbeat films like Saathiya and The Billionaire. Although there’s little to no action to be had, there’s a slew of wacky characters to keep you entertained.


If you are looking for Telugu movies to watch online for free, then look no further. These sites allow you to view free movies in HD quality. You can also download Telugu movies for free without having to sign up. The quality can be good and the videos are easy to watch. Here are a few of the best sites for watching Telugu movies.

Cinema Bandi

Cine Bandi is the story of an auto driver and his friend who decide to make a film together. They are based in a small Indian village. The movie is set in the Andhra region of India.

Cinema Bandi is an indie-spirited film. It is directed travelnowworld by Praveen Kandregula and produced by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. These two are known for their quirky genre mashups.


If you are looking for a movie streaming website that provides a wide variety of movies and TV shows, then Bolly2Tolly is one of the best options. It features a large library of copyrighted material, including Hindi Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, and web series. And it’s not just the movies that Bolly2Tolly has; it also has a large library of other types of content, such as upcoming TV shows and subtitled content.


If you want to watch a Telugu movie online, then today PK travellworldnow is the place to go. This site features a variety of movies that are free to download. Moreover, you can even stream them online. Today PK has a huge library.

Aside from Telugu, you can also watch Hindi and Tamil movies online. The site is easy to navigate. For instance, the search bar is a great way to find the movies you want.


There are several sites that allow you to watch Telugu movies online for free. However, not all sites provide high quality movies. If you want to watch free Telugu movies, then you should look for sites like ibomma, the Cine Bay, and Thiruttuvcd. They offer a wide variety of films in both HD and SD, along with subtitles and quality options.