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Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers: Which is the Best Option for You?

It is crucial to figure out what dedicated servers entail before jumping into unmanaged and managed dedicated servers. Dedicated servers assign an entire server along with all of its resources to a single user or business. They are usually chosen by companies that have to deal with a lot of traffic, so need a huge amount of resources to guarantee the reliability, safety, speed as well as performance of their operation.

Dedicated servers also offer maintenance of your hardware along with complete performance monitoring. You can enjoy the added amount of scalability, flexibility, and customization as compared to shared hosting servers. Root access allows you complete control of your server to make any alterations that can help fulfill the requirements of your business the best.

You can host as many websites as you want on your dedicated server as it belongs entirely to you. So as long as you have enough resources, the choice is yours. You can scale your resources or upgrade them if needed.

What are unmanaged dedicated servers?

Unmanaged servers are perfect for you if you have ample knowledge, skill, and experience in server management to handle the responsibilities by themselves. You are in charge of taking care of your hardware, safety updates, and network, as well as ensuring all the work is being done.

You might get basic support, but beyond that, you have to deal with all the problems that might crop up on your own. Any installation and updates are yours to take care of.

What are managed dedicated servers?

Managed dedicated servers are tailor-made for website owners who lack the skill and experience to run an entire server and deal with its management to ensure optimum functioning. The hosting provider is responsible for the setup and smooth performance of your server including its administration, management, and any help you might need. An entire team of experts with experience in handling a server is assigned to maintain yours and keep it properly working.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting

  • What are the advantages of unmanaged dedicated servers?

Unmanaged servers are relatively budget-friendly compared to managed dedicated servers. Since your web hosting provider offers a basic level (if that) of maintenance and support, you do not have to shell out money for these services. It is extremely beneficial for companies that want to step up their online presence without going beyond the budget.

It is also quite a beneficial choice for web admins that have a lot of expertise in handling and maintaining a website. They know exactly what to do in order to satisfy the needs of their business, instead of succumbing to previously set parameters of a managed dedicated server. Hence, if you aim for deep customization of your entire server, an unmanaged dedicated server is the perfect option.

  • What are the disadvantages of unmanaged dedicated servers?

Since you will have to shoulder the responsibility of the majority of server admin work, there is the added possibility of downtime. Unmanaged dedicated servers also might not have automatic backup options which could result in loss of data and downtime for your website if there is even a slight problem while your server is unmonitored.

When it comes to features as well, unmanaged dedicated servers also might not have the lowest level of interface options like a dashboard or control panel. You might need to handle the whole process of setup from the beginning to the end. It can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming if you do not have the right skill and experience in doing this.

You also do not get many customers or tech support in unmanaged dedicated hosting as you do not pay for these services. While there might be several business owners who might not require this kind of support, it can be great to have it on hand if you need to alter your website in any way including scaling your resources if you encounter a spike in traffic.

Managed dedicated hosting

  • What are the advantages of managed dedicated servers?

They are incredibly straightforward to use as the managed web hosting provider takes care of all of the server’s maintenance along with handling the smooth functioning of all applications. The managed dedicated service also ensures regular backups, enforcing safety measures, and several distinct tasks.

You can be relaxed as your anti-malware and anti-virus software setup is taken care of along with finding solutions to any problems you might encounter and helping you resolve them. There are a wide variety of plans that are offered by the managed dedicated hosting servers for you to choose from.

You can simply connect to your web hosting service if you encounter any problem to help resolve it. They are usually available via a number of ways namely raising a ticket, calls, or emails.

  • What are the disadvantages of managed dedicated servers?

You cannot enjoy complete control over the managed dedicated server. For example, since backups and various advanced security measures are the responsibility of the web hosting service, you do not have complete control over it.

This includes the frequency or the way the task is performed. So if they make backups every alternate day, while you want it done daily, you have no way of getting things done your way. You are also not free to install any plugins or apps that you want, along with configuring your server in a certain way.


Choosing a web hosting plan can have a huge impact on your business and its success. Since there are plenty of choices to choose from, it’s crucial to ensure you select the perfect one to satisfy your unique requirements. We have covered the advantages and disadvantages of managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting to help shed light on the one that could be better for you.

Managed dedicated hosting is chosen by those who are not tech-savvy and might not be able to handle the responsibilities of the server by themselves. Those who need complete control of the server and know how to handle it all can enjoy an unmanaged dedicated server better.