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Is Studying One Year MS Courses in USA Worth it?

Are you a working professional looking to advance your position in the workplace? Have you taken a one-year gap from your job and want to obtain a certain degree? If that is the case, a one-year MS degree from the US is your best option. One-year MS courses in USA are designed to give you a clear path to achieve a higher degree or help you attain the demanding skills and climb the ladder in your career. Moreover, one year MS is less expensive and rewarding at the same time.

One year MS is the most sought-after among international students in the USA who wish to obtain a master’s degree within a short span of time. This blog will give you insights into the benefits of studying a one-year MS, along with the top universities in the USA offering one-year MS courses for international students.

Why Study 1 Year MS in USA?

One-year MS degrees in the USA are much more intensive and best for individuals with more extended work experience and who have quantitative and aptitude skills. Some benefits of studying for one year MS in USA are given below:

  • The course curriculum of one-year MS programs at US universities is categorised into core options, prerequisites and electives for every subject. This may provide the opportunity to study research-based courses with over 30%.
  • MS courses in STEM are much more popular in the US, and pursuing a one-year MS in STEM subjects comes with perks and advantages. Moreover, STEM students in the US get 17 months to work visa extensions after completing the degree.
  • Top USA Universities like Northern Arizona and Yale University offering one year MS are ranked in QS Rankings 2023. Also, the cost of studying a one-year MS in the USA is around 27,524 USD.

Top Universities and Colleges in USA For 1 Year MS Courses

Many universities in the USA offer one-year MS courses in engineering to business specialisations. Many of them are recognised for their quality education and infrastructure. Here we have given a list of top universities in USA for one year MS courses:

University Name  Average Fees  Popular Programs 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 57,590 USD 
  • MS in Management Studies 
  • MS in Finance
Columbia University 32,363 USD 
  • MS in Financial Engineering
  • MS in Computer Science
Yale University  46,900 USD 
  • MMS in Product Education Management
  • MS in Chemical Engineering
Pace University  29,480 USD 
  • MBA in Financial Management
Northern Arizona State University  29,302 USD 
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Business Analytics
University of Southern California  30,000 USD 
  • MS in Chemical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University  21,540 USD 
  • MS in Aerospace Engineering
Wichita State University  21,800 USD 
  • MS in Engineering Management
Northeastern University  48,300 USD 
  • MS in Engineering Management
  • MS in Analytics 
The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 28,000 USD 
  • MS in Bioengineering

Pursuing a one-year MS course from a top US university can be a turning point in your career. A degree from the US with work experience for working professionals can fetch them higher positions within the company and worldwide. So, choose the best course and explore new opportunities and possibilities for your career ahead. For further guidance and assistance, connect with the best overseas educational consultants and experience a smooth study abroad journey.