Internet Preach: The Do’s and Don’ts of Quarantine Self Care

Within a few months, our lives shifted completely. We are now quarantined in our homes, practicing social distancing, and keeping ourselves busy in the lockdown. However, before the COVID-19 virus, we hardly had time left to even think of new ideas to keep ourselves busy with. Our hectic life left us no chance to think about ourselves. But now, since we have plenty of time on our hands we should focus more on our mental and physical health. But more than anything, we should focus on keeping our skin healthy and fresh during the quarantine. For this purpose, our sole source of entertainment and information, the internet is here to help us.

Since the coronavirus outbreak happened globally and reached the United States, the country faced major lockdown. Schools, colleges, gyms, saloons almost everything that demands human interaction outside the home has faced closure. This whole situation became stressful when people realized that they have a lot of spare time but not enough things to do. No matter how much time you waste on streaming movies and shows online, the urge to do something productive remains in you.

And what’s more productive than taking care of yourself now for a shining future? Due to the lockdown salons and parlors were closed and people, especially ladies, are running out of ideas to take care of themselves. Well, believe us there are a lot of self-care quarantine ideas out there for everyone. However, there are certain things that people are not fully aware of when it comes to self-care, especially during the quarantine.

But before we get into the actual Do’s and Don’ts of beauty during quarantine here’s some needful information about the internet:

Like we said above the internet is the only source of entertainment and information left for us. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the spark in internet usage is also a threat for those who wanted to continue getting self-care ideas from the internet. Therefore, it is important to have a stable internet connection in your house that can cater to everyone’s internet need without lagging.

Cox Internet, is one of the leading internet service providers in the USA, which serves high-speed internet all over the country. The Cox high-speed internet holds affordable internet for household packages that can help you remain on top of your self-care game via the internet.

So now that we know which internet service provider should you connect yourselves with, let us get back to the beauty mantras:

Do Take Care of Your Health

Not to sound too clichéd but beauty starts from within. If you believe that working on the outside only will help you shine brighter once the quarantine is over then you might be wrong.

During these stressful days, it is important to focus on your physical and mental health. While there are, a lot of things that you find for the betterment of your mental health on the internet such as inspiring TV shows and movies, but for physical health that directly affects your beauty you need to do some extra efforts:

Set Time Table

The first thing that you need to do is set your timetable. In lockdown, many people who have lost their routines because of which they are either having less sleep than usual or endless napping hours. What you need to do is get proper beauty sleep since you can, which is 7-8 hours.

Consume More Fluids

Apart from sleeping, you need to drink lots and lots of water. So instead of munching on junk food, you should consume 4-5 liters water, and juices daily for your body and skin betterment.


The most important things for self-care are yoga and exercise. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that can assist you in doing workout at home, so you should better use your internet for your betterment.

Don’t Go Over Board

The basic Don’t of the quarantine self-care regime is not to go overboard with the Dos.

You will find tons of blogs and articles on the internet guiding you to cleanse, exfoliate, and pamper your skin daily while you have time in quarantine. But what they don’t guide you about is the aftermath of the overdoing self-care activities. Here is what happens:

Too Much Exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin is good but too much exfoliating is not. Experts believe that when you exfoliate your skin every day your skin becomes acne-prone and may also cause rashes on your skin making it too sensitive. So instead of exfoliating every day, try doing it once or twice a week.

Experimenting with Your Skin

Many beauty blogs might guide you in trying new things on your skin and see what suits you best since you have time to do it. But experts believe that trying new ingredients on your skin can end up in horrifying results. So instead of just trying out the ingredients immediately on your skin, study them through the help of the internet. Search about the ingredients and know whether they are good for your skin type.


There are certain Dos and Don’ts of self-care in quarantine that many people are unaware of. In this blog, you will find those key factors.

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