Inner Fender Splash Shield Material

Inner fender splash shields are made of plastic or other materials that keep moisture and debris out of the engine bay. It protects sensitive electronic components from damage caused by water and dirt. Keeping the liner in good condition will help keep your car looking new for a long time. Choosing the right inner fender liner for your car is critical. Below are some tips to ensure its durability. We hope this information will be useful to you.

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Thermoplastic material

The inner fender liner is usually made of thermoplastic material. This material is flexible and corrosion-resistant. It is also chemically resistant. Typically, this plastic material is used for inner fender liners, and it is a good choice. However, its drawbacks are that it may wear and break down over time, especially if you drive your car for a long time. It also can be vulnerable to rust.

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Metal inner fender liners

Some older vehicles have metal inner fender liners. These can corrode due to the heat and chemicals inside the engine. The cheapest inner fender liner material is ABS plastic, but this is not chemical-resistant and is subject to wear and tear over time. The material can become damaged over time if you hit road debris and other substances that are inside the wheel well. This is why you should make sure you purchase one with a durable inner lining.

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