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How to Treat Tuberculosis

The most effective way to treat tuberculosis is to get treatment as soon as you develop symptoms. If you have symptoms of TB, you should seek medical attention. Initially, the condition may be mild, and treatment can include taking antibiotics to kill TB bacteria. The most common medication is isoniazid, which is given every day for six to nine months. You should be careful not to share drinking glasses or towels with people who are sick.

Risk of contracting

TB is usually spread by contact with an infected person. If you are close to a person with active TB, you have a high risk of contracting the disease. It is important to limit your contact with this person. Unless the infection is highly contagious, you should stay home during treatment. Do not go to work or school while you are on treatment. You should also avoid sleeping in shared rooms. Open your windows and use fans to circulate outdoor air. Cover your mouth and dispose of dirty tissues properly in sealed bags.


The treatment for TB will vary depending on the severity of the disease. Patients with active TB will usually have back pain and stiffness. The condition will often affect the knees and hips and may cause joint damage. It can also cause meningitis, which can lead to long-lasting headaches. People with active TB may experience mental changes and have liver or kidney problems. Some people with this disease may even develop cardiac tamponade, which can be fatal.