How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

To install a bathroom exhaust fan, follow these simple steps: Remove the existing exhaust fan and remove the cover. Then, remove the four-inch flexible duct from the exhaust fan. Use duct tape to secure it. Disconnect the electrical wires in the access panel of the fan housing. The black wire on the switch connects to the white wire in the access panel. The bare wire goes around the green grounding screw in the housing. After removing the old housing, slide the new one in place.

Electrical wiring

Before you begin, make sure that you have the right type of electrical wiring. The ducting system for bathroom ventilation fans is attached to the ceiling with fasteners. To release the screws holding the housing, use a mini-hacksaw to cut them. Once the ducting is released, attach the housing to the ceiling joist using a layout square. Once the housing is in place, use a measuring tape to transfer the measurements from the attic to the ceiling.

Layout square and mark

After you have rewired the circuit, install the bathroom ventilation fan. To do this, locate the studs in the ceiling or wall. Then, trace the new opening using a layout square and mark its location. Next, wrap the bare copper wire around the green grounding screw in the housing. Once this is complete, screw the junction box cover to secure the fan’s placement. After the wiring is installed, you can install the fan.