How Different Governments Use QR Codes Today

The use of QR codes has been helping governments around the world serve the public better in the digital era. It’s not only easy and convenient to use, it also comes with plenty of security and customization features—crucial to keep all of our data secured.

Consequently, a QR code generator with logo online is becoming more available, with multi-language translations. This makes it so much easier to start a QR code-based campaign, both from the perspective of the government and the people because it’s a trusted tool and it works for as long as it’s posted.

Be it in your local city, state, or federal government office, take a look at some ways that governments use QR codes.

Share information with the public

One of the best uses of QR codes for government is to share information with the public. Since it can include a lot of information and is relatively easy to disseminate, government offices are using them to make the process easier when people come and sort their documents.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is one of the biggest government offices to use QR codes. They placed them on airport checkpoint signs to share more information about their screening processes. This way, people can come prepared and the process is done much faster.

Serve as a guide for government-initiated events

It’s not only private companies that join events such as expos; the government may also participate in these events to present developments for the public sector. This is exactly what the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service (GSA FAS) did at an expo in 2011.

As it fits their intention of digitizing the process through mobile technologies, the office used QR codes to help attendees track which booth they visited. They also use a QR code generator with logo software to welcome visitors through a mobile-friendly website.

Encourage the public to download their mobile apps

Different government offices develop mobile applications to make their services more accessible, especially to people in remote areas. Of course, developing it successfully and updating it against bugs and viruses is one, but promoting it for people to use it is another.

Thanks to their versatility, QR codes also work great for promotions.

The Government Printing Office and National Park Service (NPS) use QR codes to promote their mobile apps. Once scanned, the user is redirected directly to the page where they can download the app. There’s a corresponding QR code to an iOS and Android device to make the app more inclusive to everyone.

Provide a more interactive experience

Visiting one of the US national parks and historic sites is a majestic experience, but it can also be a hassle because of how difficult some of them are to explore. NPS Fort Smith National Historic Site in Arkansas makes use of a video QR code to provide a more immersive and informative experience for visitors.

Once these QR codes are scanned, the visitor will be redirected to videos regarding the sites. This enhances the overall experience of visiting the site because tourists don’t just see the sites, they actually learn something from them.

Know more about the uses of QR codes

Now that you know how QR codes can be used, you can definitely use them for your unique needs, too. Be it promoting your business, running a campaign, or collecting data, QR codes are versatile to be used for these intentions.