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The music that Fresh Music plays is based on Indian songs and music. Many of the artists on this compilation are from South India. They were chosen by Worth TV to be played on national talk shows. The result was that this compilation has caught the imagination of the masses. It was launched on 4 July, but it has already become extremely popular. One of the most interesting things about Fresh Music is that the songs do not mention caste or religion. They are all about love and peace.

In addition to its traditional repertoire of Indian music, Freshmusic also features the sounds of various international groups. From Delhi to Mumbai, a diverse range of new artists are releasing new albums and music. The music of these groups has made an impact on international audiences. The renowned Indian actors have even been heard enjoying the new releases. In fact, Fresh Music from India is a great way to get inspired by upcoming musicians in your area. The band has released several albums that will make you want to buy more of their music.

Freshmusic has been operating since 2011. Its headquarters is located in Bishan Street 24, Singapore. Its UEN is 53201560J and was issued on 2011-10-17 00:00:00. The company was incorporated on 16 Oct 2011, and is a part of the Sound Recording Industries industry. Its primary SIC code is 82303, and its description is EVENT/CONCERT ORGANISERS. These music labels are a great way to get your hands on great local music.