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Football Betting Types

Anybody can become an intelligent sports bettor if they have the correct information. For novice bettors, this is why we’ve included the basics within our introductory course.

Before you place an online sports bet, look at these definitions to help you understand some of the jargon you’ll come across along the way.

Spreads or Points

Point spread betting is common in football. The ‘line’ denotes each side’s advantage or disadvantage in the game. If you correctly anticipate the game’s outcome, you win the point spread. For you to win the bet, New Orleans must win by 8 points over Tampa Bay if the distance is -7.5. More examples of this may be seen at www.okbetcasino.live.


The Moneyline wager is a simple bet on the outcome of the game. Odds are assigned to each team depending on the likelihood of winning the competition. If the favorite is a huge one, the odds and payoff will be reduced. Underdogs get better odds and a more significant profit if they win.


Often referred to as O/U or Totals. The odds are determined by the total amount of points that oddsmakers think will be scored in the game. Put your money on whether the final score will be greater or lower than this amount. It takes at least 48 points to win over and 47 points to win under a 47.5-point over/under on Green Bay at Chicago.


This is a wager on a variety of outcomes. All outcomes in the parlay must be adequately picked to win. If you stake 100 on New York and Pittsburgh to succeed, your wager is a loser unless both teams win. Parlays are a riskier but more rewarding form of football betting since you have to be accurate on every bet in the total wager. All wagers may be combined at OKBet Sportsbook, including money lines and spreads and prop bets, futures, and more.

Okbet online casino offers Futures Bets on various future events, including league champions, MVPs, and more. It’s a safe bet that Philadelphia will win the Super Bowl. It would pay out 800 if they won the Lombardi Trophy if you bet 100 on them at +800. In preparation for a season, futures are available, and they are constantly updated as the season progresses.

Bets on the Future

Prop bets may be placed on a variety of things, including the result of a game, the performance of a person or team, and other factors. Will there be a defensive touchdown when the New England Patriots take on the Houston Texans? That’s a safe bet. What do you think Tom Brady will do in his next game? You may also invest in it. Prop bets are popular because they may cover various game-related topics.

Bets Placed During Play

The opportunity to place a wager on a sporting event as it unfolds. As the game progresses, the odds will adjust to reflect the current state of play. New York had a firm grip on the game after a dominant first quarter. Make a bet on them and receive the benefits if they win.


Football betting rules are only beginning to be explored. Even while the tips we’ve provided are an excellent starting to get started, don’t stop there.

The performance of a person or team, and other factors. You’ll find a wealth of helpful information in our football guide that can help you improve your bets.

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