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Finding Talented Live Acts in 2022

Live acts are a great way to add something interesting and new to any event you’re hosting.  Although there are thousands of different acts to choose from, most people go for musicians: but how do you pick?

These are the top things to consider about live acts and when to hire them in 2022!

Why Hire Different Live Acts?

If you’re hosting events in 2022, there’s a new type of competition many people are doing to one-up each other since the lockdown ended.  Showing off by throwing the best party possible and impressing people with your ability to book talent they’d never heard of is able to boost your social standing in no time.

Although you can go for a classic act, it’s more special to go for something many people haven’t seen before and anything that will stun or surprise your guests into having a fun experience.

Check Social Media

If you’re struggling to find new acts, consider checking social media!  TikTok has been an incredible way for performers of all types to suddenly get thrust into the limelight.  Look around at local performers and seek out people who you think could put on a stunning show.

Make sure to go budget first, so they know you’re serious, but be prepared for them not to reply.  Once some accounts grow large enough, they get enough off of ad revenue that they no longer want to perform for parties and events, so not everyone is bookable.

Go Through Word of Mouth

Put out feelers within your social group that you’re looking for performers who can stun and excite at a party!  You’ll be amazed at how many people will suddenly pop up and say they’re related to a drummer in a popular band or they know someone who can do acrobatics for a party.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise that you’re looking to hire and connect you directly with talent without having to go through side avenues.

Open Hiring Calls

Put out a listing that you’re hiring talent for a gig.  Ask that people submit videos of themselves performing or submit reviews from previous clients.  This will allow you to see as many candidates as you want without having to meet them one by one in person.

There are multiple gig sites that make this a lot easier for you and can cut out the middleman.

Mistakes to Avoid Making

When hiring talent, there are some mistakes many people make that should be avoided.  For instance, some people try to lowball when paying talent, to give them as little money as possible for the job of entertaining guests and keeping eyes on them.  The problem with this is that the less you pay, the lower the quality will be, and the less likely your performers will stick around.

Anyone who plans last minute should also make some changes since hiring as far ahead as possible is the better fix.

Live Acts Are Fantastic for Any Event

You can find the perfect performer for your event as long as you plan ahead and budget for it!  There’s nothing like great entertainment to turn an event around.

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