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Don’t Throw out Your Condenser Fan Motor

Unfortunately, it will never be possible to design machines nor machine components that last forever. Companies like EBM Papst and Fasco constantly innovate in materials and designed to produce more efficient, more effective and longer-living components, but there is a limit based on hard science and physics that can never be overcome.

Granted, if these manufacturers produce the components you need to replace, you probably got quite a bit of longevity out of them before this happened. However, let me stop you before you make the mistake of thinking that it’s better to just replace your equipment and entirety for the sake of being bleeding edge. This used to be a practical way of doing things, back when you had to go to parts distribution companies or deal directly with the manufacturer, the manufacturer not really being set up for such things in the first place.

With shopping online, however, you can get an ebm papst condenser fan motor or Fasco condenser fan motor much cheaper, much more quickly, and replacing it would be a walk in the park for your skilled, experienced maintenance teams.

Times have changed, and the obsolescence of brick-and-mortar and traditional distribution and acquisition means was truly inevitable if we are being honest. The arrival of the true digital age was bound to happen, but it would have been more gradual, less messy and less shocking had it occurred when it would have were it not for this obnoxious pandemic that has taken over 2 years to finally go away. We have learned something from this pandemic, the necessary isolation, quarantine and social distancing it brought about. The Internet is better for doing most things, with physical social interaction being honestly overrated in many cases.

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This is the true digital age, the age in which the Internet is the default rather than a unique alternative, and while social butterflies may not like the increasing distance between people that this will instill well into the future, it’s the way future generations are going to do things, and obviously, it has its benefit in reducing the spread of illness if nothing else.

However, it isn’t just the safety and convenience that matters, it’s the greatly reduce prices on something like a Fasco condenser fan motor or ebm papst condenser fan motor due to the lack of brick-and-mortar overhead, the unlimited shelf space and the better system laid out for how it’s handled. These companies specialize in providing solid CRM and shopping experiences, and the manufacturers produce and distribute the goods, allowing each to play to their strengths but cooperate to provide a better experience than any traditional parts distribution center or brick-and-mortar shopping establishment could ever provide.

Not only should you replace components in your equipment rather than your equipment, but you should stop smart for them, saving yourself or your company a ton of money in the long run. You can afford for your equipment to be down, but you can’t afford to be foolish in how you fix the problem either!

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