Day Trading In Australia: A Beginner’s Guide

As the tendencies of the world are changing, so does the habit of people. In Australia, about 60 per cent of the working population has started to focus on investments. For the same reason, metatrader australia has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. However, when the question of how much one knows about trading and trading platforms, there is always confusion.

One popular aspect of trading is the day trading style which has become very popular in Australia. The tricks involved in day trading involve many things which require in-depth understanding to work well. This article will provide a detailed idea of day trading, some generic aspects based on Australia and how to get started with it all.

Day trading- What is It?

Day trading is based on the trading activity in a single day. They involve the financial instruments and their buying and selling activities. All the closing positions at the end of the day will resume anew from the next day. Day traders engage in buying and selling multiple assets in a day, and that would include selling or buying them multiple times a day. In this way, the traders will be able to have more advantages when there is even the slightest market movement.

However, the day trading or the intraday trading needs a lot of focus, concentration and attention and is not for those who engage in part-time trading. It requires a quick mind and a lot of fast decision making. In this way, the traders will make a profit every time by engaging in multiple trades. Contrary to investments for a long period and their price movements, day trading is more beneficial as an easier investment strategic level.

Trading in Australia

With the recent developments in trading platforms, around 65 per cent of them have gone online in Australia. The MetaTrader in Australia is now easier to engage even for the commonest of people based on its accessibility. To begin trading in Australia, one has to have a thorough idea of the markets in Australia.

Engage in a lot of searches and discussions, which will help a new trader have enough information for a headstart. Have a good idea of how to deal with markets and how trading with them will be beneficial for one’s investment plans. After that, develop a trading strategy and plan the investments to suit oneself.

Before beginning the actual investment, it is always wise to use a demo account and try to practice the developed strategy. Once the experience takes a positive note, the trader will develop enough confidence to open a real account and start trading in the live market.

Day Trading: The best markets to begin with


When it comes to day trading, stock markets are a common preference among traders, especially beginners. In the world of equity, it is a frequent tendency to sell the shares at the day’s end as there is a gapping risk. A gapping risk is the tendency of the share to move from being higher to lower by the overnight influences.


Among the day traders, cryptocurrencies are beginning to become a common choice to engage in. The derivate products of the crypto markets provide huge advantages to the traders when it comes to the market rises or crashes. On the bright side, crypto is a 24-hour business, which avoids the problem of having to pay the overnight funding charges or the market movements.


It is also another popular choice due to the increasing market liquidity and large currency pairs. So the currencies in forex can be sold and bought more easily.