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Dailymotion | Dailymotion Video | The Pros and Cons of Dailymotion

French video-sharing website Dailymotion was launched in 2011 and has become an icon of internet video. Founded in 2005, it is owned by Vivendi and is the most popular online video platform in the world. The site is available in 43 different localised versions and is available in 183 languages. Today, it boasts over a billion monthly visitors. The platform is the most popular video-sharing service in the world. It is accessible in over 140 countries and languages.

While Dailymotion offers an array of features to help users upload their videos, some may find the service too intrusive or annoying. This is why the platform has a free version and a premium version. For example, the free version allows you to upload up to 10 videos at a time. Once uploaded, you will need to fill out an online form with personal information before your videos will be uploaded. If you’re worried that the data might be misused, you can download a free antivirus program.

Another major concern with dailymotion is that there’s no way for you to watch videos containing explicit material. While dailymotion doesn’t allow users to block adult content, it does allow users to choose their own age limits and to opt out of receiving spam and adware. This is an important feature for people who want to watch adult-oriented content but don’t want to share it with a child. Aside from being invasive, Dailymotion also requires users to sign up for an account with their email address.