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There’s a niche market for cat movies, but sadly, we’ve yet to see a movie made about cats. Maybe it’s time for a new generation to learn to love these fluffy creatures. That’s where Puss in Boots comes in. A family friendly take on the classic Shrek story, Puss in Boots follows 7 feline friends as they navigate Istanbul. With good camera work and lovely tone, this family film is worth a watch.

If you’re looking for an animated movie about cats, A Gift From Bob is the perfect choice. It’s one of Disney’s most popular films, and it’s a classic for a reason. The film follows a family of Parisian felines as they prepare to inherit their owner’s fortune. A jealous butler kidnaps them, and they must find a way to escape. Luckily, a wiley tomcat comes to their rescue.

Another great film is A Streetcat Named Bob, adapted from a popular book. This true story has a raw undercurrent of emotion, and it’s one of the better rags-to-riches tales. The cast is decent, and the movie is definitely one of the best animated cat movies. If you’re looking for a movie about cats, then A Gift From Bob is a good choice.