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Can You Use the Vingo App Along With Old Treadmills?

If you are wondering whether you can use your old treadmill with Vingo, then relax, you sure can. The app works with all equipment, old and new. For those of you wondering what we’re talking about, it is about the best online workout app available in the market. The app uses virtual reality to give an outdoor experience while you exercise comfortably indoors. It has a lot more features packed in it too.

A Flexible & Multipurpose App

Many people use the app for online running. They use it to give them fresh sceneries before their eyes, while they run on their mill. To make it interesting, the developers of the app have used some real places around the world to create the scenic virtual maps inside it. These locations are also filled with some interesting information about the spots too. You can also create your own digital version within the app too. All you need to do is take a selfie and upload it within the app. You can then add outfits to your avatar, put some equipment to yourself and more. You will have a lot of fun fiddling around this multipurpose app.

Connect Your Treadmills With Inbuilt Sensors

The app comes with the latest data monitoring tech with it. They are called the ANT+ sensors and they seamlessly monitor your movements on the treadmill. These sensors will track your speed, pace, and other settings on the mill and transfer them to the app. The app then uses this information to give you an immersive virtual reality experience. You can connect to the sensors in the app through Bluetooth, with just a click of the button.

Get ANT+ Sensors for Old Treadmills

If you have an older treadmill, you can always enter the measurements manually into the app. It works just fine. Or, if you are tired of doing things manually, you can get ANT+ sensors separately and connect them with the treadmill and your smart device. This way you can ease up your work and enjoy the Vingo app with peace. You will notice the scenery changing as per your speed on the treadmill.

App Works with Exercise Bikes Too

Some people use the app with their training bike and go on online cycling trips in the virtual world. These cyclists found the virtual world to be more entertaining, scenic, pollution and traffic free than the real world outside. Hence they shifted to the virtual space and they are cycling to their heart’s content every day.

Get Fit in a Fun-filled Way

You can invite your friends and family into this app for running routes and all of you can explore the virtual world together. There is always a new spot to explore in there and you will never get bored of it. As you explore more, you also push your limits farther, getting fitter every day. So, what are you waiting for? Connect your treadmills and enjoy the new age running. It is an engulfing and exciting platform for all.