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Are Some Items Illegal for a Roof Rack?

In Australia, roof racks are like magical multitasking companions. They effortlessly transport all sorts of gear, from bikes and kayaks to camping equipment and luggage. But wait a minute, did you know there are some unexpectedly huge “uh-ohs” when it comes to your trusty roof rack?

Now, let’s hop right into it and address the elephant in the room: kangaroos. Yes, those iconic Australian creatures aren’t exactly hitchhiker-friendly. As tempting as it may be to strap one down and take it for a joyride, it’s illegal and highly dangerous. If you happen to stumble upon a kangaroo hitchhiker, gracefully decline and hop on your way. Alright, enough with the kangarooing around. What else can’t hitch a ride on your roof rack?

When it comes to size, it’s pretty straightforward – anything that extends beyond your vehicle’s width or height is a big red flag. So, sorry pole vault and oversized furniture, you’ll have to find another ride. And weight? Well, don’t go overboard and surpass your roof rack’s maximum load rating. But here’s the kicker – some areas have specific laws, like a 45-kilogram limit. That could be easily exceeded if you’re carrying heavy camping gear or a roof box packed with luggage. Always pay attention to the rules and your roof rack’s weight limit, and invest wisely, such as high-quality Ford Ranger roof racks from Bossco Auto Parts.

Now, let’s talk safety. Some items may not be illegal to carry on a roof rack, but they can play havoc if they’re not properly secured. Loose tools, sports equipment, or even pets can become road hazards. So, make sure you tie them down tight to avoid any unexpected surprises or impromptu acrobatics.

In a nutshell, being in the know about the rules and regs of using a roof rack is absolutely key. Not just for ticking the legal boxes, but for keeping everyone safe and sound. So, before you kick off your next adventure, make sure all your roof rack goodies are legal, snug, and raring to go!

Things You Can Safely Carry on a Roof Rack

Now, let’s end on a positive note and look at some items that are welcome passengers on your roof rack. Bikes, kayaks, camping gear, and luggage are all fair game, as mentioned before. Smaller items like skis and snowboards can also hitch a ride, just make sure they’re properly secured.

For larger or heavier items, consider extra support like a roof basket or cargo box. These trusty sidekicks provide stability and prevent your vehicle from feeling like it’s carrying the weight of the world. And remember, distribute the load evenly for a smoother and more balanced ride.

So, next time you load up for an adventure, embrace the dexterity of your roof rack. It’s there to make your journey a breeze, as long as you play by the rules and keep everything in check. Happy travels!