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5 Advantages of Working With a Local SEO Provider

Technology has made the world small enough that it is pretty easy to do business with companies thousands of miles away. In the SEO industry, it’s not unusual for a service provider to work with clients all over the country. But it is also not unusual for a customer to search ‘SEO services near me’ and then pick a local provider to work with.

Are there any advantages to working with a local SEO provider? Absolutely. This isn’t to say that a local provider is always the best bet. However, it is to suggest that companies should at least consider local options before going elsewhere.

Webtek Digital Marketing is an SEO provider with offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX. They offer the five following advantages of working with a local SEO provider:

1. Local Knowledge

The majority of American small businesses cater to a local audience. From medical offices to restaurants and home contractors, the local customer base is the life blood of small business. So doesn’t it make sense to work with an SEO provider that knows the local area?

A local provider has the same local knowledge as the companies it works for. It understands local influences like culture, weather, politics, the environment, and so forth. Even something as mundane as daily traffic could have an impact on how a business is marketed. All that local knowledge is important.

2. Local Investment

Small businesses tend to invest in their local communities, both financially and through their participation in local events. And why not? Business owners want to support a strong community for obvious reasons. That being the case, a local SEO provider wants to see other businesses in the area thrive. An investment in local success is an investment in its own business. In essence, a local provider has more than enough incentive to do right by local customers.

3. The Same Schedule

One of the things that often gets overlooked by small businesses in searching for new vendors is scheduling. A Salt Lake City company might find an SEO provider based in New York and be quite impressed by the provider’s upscale address. But New York and Salt Lake City are in different time zones. They keep different schedules.

Choosing a local SEO vendor pretty much guarantees the two companies will be on the same schedule. From the daily 9 to 5 to local influences that may affect scheduling, everyone is on the same page. There are huge benefits to that.

4. The Local SEO Thing

As we near the end of the list, it is important not to forget the actual concept of local SEO. Local SEO utilizes the same strategies as general SEO but modified to reach a local audience. A vendor located outside of the area probably won’t do as good a job with local SEO as a locally based competitor.

5. Face-to-Face Interactions

Finally, choosing a local SEO provider gives a small business owner an opportunity to meet with their SEO team face-to-face. Taking advantage of face-to-face meetings can strengthen the relationship between customer and vendor. Meeting face-to face can help eliminate or reduce the types of things that lead to problems: assumptions, misunderstandings, etc.

Running a search on ‘SEO services near me’ should return plenty of local options in most cities and towns. The question is whether going local is a smart move. The evidence suggests it is. Working with a local SEO provider often yields better results than working with a provider located hundreds of miles away. Why not go local if you can?